Online Exam Proctoring Software Ultimate Guide

Online Exam Proctoring Software Ultimate Guide

The ongoing pandemic has affected the education sector so badly that more than 1 billion students have fallen behind.

Due to school closures across 188 countries, many schools, colleges, and universities are moving to digital solutions. To make exams easier to conduct, they are taking the help of online proctoring software.

It has brilliantly helped in exam standardization, marking, and invigilation which minimizes the cost and time spent on employing an expensive workforce, planning, and scheduling.

What Is an Online Proctoring Software?

You must remember that in your school days there used to be someone in the examination class called ‘invigilator’ or ‘exam inspector’ whose job was to ensure no one cheats in the exam. In the same way, online proctoring software helps invigilate online exams using advanced AI mechanisms. This ensures that there won’t be any cheating in the exams.

It is engineered with the most latest technology and cloud-based online proctoring features so that academicians can host and proctor online exams with integrity. Also, it eliminates the possibilities of impersonation and provides the most relevant result to administrators.

Which is the best online exam proctoring software?

You asked the right question!

Actually, the market is filled with proctoring service providers with intense competition process improvement, automation, integrity, standardization, and efficiency. From invigilating to detailed candidate performance, the service providers offer long-term that augment human abilities. How do you select your best one from this competitive market?

Don’t worry about that. I’ve got one of the best exam proctoring software for you.

Proctor360: A Complete Exam Proctoring Software Solution

Proctor360, a Washington DC-based emerging leader in EdTech, enables businesses and universities to remotely manage tests with confidence. Proctor360 allows test takers to take any exam from the comfort of their home or office, while remote observers ensure test security through software and hardware that minimizes fraud and content theft.

Years ago, co-founders Ganga and Kranthi Bathula saw the growing need for remote testing and accurately predicted that live testing centers would soon pale in comparison. While personal test centers stretch to maximum capacity, the Bathulas also realized that existing virtual test platforms were not meeting the industry’s requirements.

This motivated them to develop Proctor360, its products and services – and to keep improving them.

The organization has completed a small funding round via an online public offering at the starting of 2019. After raising initial capital on Start Engine, the company started manufacturing its headset design and completed it sooner. And now, they are ready to work with their clients and make a dent in the online exam proctoring software industry.

Founded by industry veterans with successful backgrounds in live testing centers and with remote testing startups, Proctor360 is one of the best online proctoring software with efficient virtual testing processes that are focused on academic integrity. The Proctor360 team is constantly striving to push and push the limits of remote testing.

The development of powerful, patent-pending technologies and industry-leading SaaS products and services proves that Proctor360 is driven by innovation in every aspect.

The Proctor360 team has decades of proctoring experience, both remotely and on-site. You are here to make your remote testing process convenient, easy, and secure.

How does Proctor360 exam proctoring software work?

Proctor360 starts with candidate authentication. The online exam proctoring software ensures the examinee’s identity and ensures the process would be conducted cheating-free.

Plus, before the exam starts, it checks that students have a sharing screen with video and audio recording. It also eliminates the chances of impersonation. It asks the examinee to show their photo ID before the commencement of every test.

Real-time monitoring of candidates

Proctor comes with 360° Total View Remote Proctoring. 

It is the most advanced remote exam proctoring system.

It utilizes both software and hardware and captures a complete 360-degree view of a testing space so that proctors can see and hear it all. 

No one can escape from the eyes of an invigilator! 

The software also makes sure to monitor candidates’ real-time behavior during the exam. 

After the exam ends, it reviews the comprehensive document of the student and explains the performance test of the candidate.

This not just makes the entire process automatic but also makes it more efficient, systematized, and simple.

How do I schedule an exam on Proctor360?

That’s not a difficult task.

To schedule an exam on the Proctor360 exam proctoring software:

Log on to and you will see the homepage:

Now, on the website’s main page, click on TAKE AN EXAM located at the top-right panel:

Now you will get a drop-down list with few options including SCHEDULE AN EXAM:

Now choose your subject from the listed option. Let’s choose TAFT University Law School as an example:

After that, you will need to select your online exam paper from the square-boxed list:

Next, you will get a login page. Fill in the details and click on the Login button to enter your dashboard:

And that’s it! You can now schedule your exam on the next page of the web portal.

Who can use online exam proctoring software?

  1. Assessment Providers

Assessment providers who provide pre-built assessments or test engines to clients who have their content can use proctoring to:

  • Become a valuable partner by performing assessments more cheaply and quickly.
  • Generate additional income opportunities.
  • Improve per-client usage by delivering on-demand tests anytime, anywhere
  • Take your business globally by enabling remote proctoring

The use cases can be as diverse as recruiting, college entrance exams, certifications, promotions, etc.

Online Education Providers- Universities, MOOCs

There are many online Education Providers, schools, and universities that are facing challenges in verifying the integrity and quality of their online programs efficiently.

Cheating and student authentication are the two main challenges for the authorities and they can be easily managed with an online exam proctoring software like Proctor360.

There is no doubt that exam proctoring software has become an important tool in online education to ensure authenticity and quality. They can ensure that students won’t be cheating on the exam.

The 2008 Higher Education Opportunity Act in the US requires colleges and universities to verify student identities to ensure that those who enroll in an online course are the ones who participate

Certifying Agencies- Oracle, MS, etc

Certifying agencies can use online proctoring to:

  • Enable students to complete certificates from home and scale their business
  • Make certification cost-effective  and become more competitive
  • Expand the addressable market by tapping into new regions
  • Keep visual records for audits upon request
  • offer an online video proctoring option

Can candidates cheat on Proctor360 exam proctoring software?

You can find many videos and blogs across the web that give people tricks on how to cheat on proctoring software. But, however, with our proctor, you can be worried less as it detects every single suspicious activity on the system during the exam as well as any eye and body movement. So it is almost impossible to cheat with this state-of-the-art exam proctoring software.

Wrapping Up

Phew! That was a long journey. But, however, now you have one of the best online exam proctoring software as per your assessment needs and automate the process of conducting exams. 

You have options to select the best software depending on the integrity level, the budget, and the number of candidates to be proctored. From curating the exam to revealing the final result on the internet, you can do all the exam stuff with one of these proctoring software.

Online exams are 50% cheaper than pen-and-paper exams and require significantly less time and effort to conduct them fairly, easily, and in a standardized way. 

Research says that candidates who take exams online are more prone to cheating than in a physical setup. But, not to worry, with AI-powered proctoring, the algorithms will be trained soon enough to 100% prevent fraud, a guarantee a physical supervisor doesn’t always promise.

Note, there is a huge market for scam devices tailored to the needs of students. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary measures when conducting online exams to ensure high integrity. 

Having multiple levels of control and a robust AI-based proctoring solution provider that offers end-to-end online proctoring solutions for conducting online exams is the best choice to achieve high exam integrity seamlessly and cost-effectively.


How many exams can be proctored simultaneously?

That depends on the ability of which proctoring you are using. As per a report, Mercer-Mettl has conducted more than 200,000 exams in a single day.

What is exam proctoring, and how does it work?

Exam proctoring services are a host that avails online test conducting process with ensuring that there would be no cheating in the online exams or assessment. The proctoring software is an AI-driven automated tool to manage the whole test process with ease and integrity.

Can you cheat in an online proctored exam?

The answer is NO. Because the AI-driven exam proctoring software makes it almost impossible to cheat in an online exam.

How does Proctor360 work?

Proctor360 lets candidates take any exams online from the comfort of their home or office. The exam proctoring software ensures testing security through both software and hardware to provide cheating-less assessments.

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